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  Newspaper Ad Campaign in support of Congressional Call and Email Campaign Together With Troops

Troops Out.  No Escalation.  Stop Starvation in Afghanistan.

Jobs for Afghans is now raising funds to place the below ad into newspapers reaching our soldiers at Ft. Hood and Camp LeJeune, the nation's largest military bases.  They know better than anyone what Afghanistan needs.  They see the mind-boggling poverty first hand, with their own eyes.  Soldiers from enlisted rank in Special Forces on up to major-general at ISAF headquarters in Kabul have seconded our program to give young Afghan men something other to do besides fight for the Taliban's pay.  Former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General Karl Eikenberry, told Congress in 2007, (if Congress would only listen): "Much of the enemy force is drawn from the ranks of unemployed men looking for wages to support their families." 

Jobs for Afghans will also spearhead a congressional call and email campaign from soldiers themselves to pass a stabilization and work program in Afghanistan.  Soldiers are citizens and have the same right to representation as anyone else.  Perhaps more-so, since they pay the highest price.   Here are key legislators we are targeting, who sit on committees which can take action of our demands. 

Please help us reach out to our soldiers, who are our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.  Their voice is especially critical at this moment.  We give a special salute and thanks to the work of the soldiers and veterans at the anti-war coffee shop Under The Hood Cafe at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas.  Unfortunately, there is a general lack of interest in stopping the wars among the general public, since most families do not have loved ones deployed.  That American soldiers are getting killed by young men who would be willing to lay down their arms for $5 a day is a travesty.

An example of how stupid the political rhetoric has become is that both major political parties have now justified budget appropriations for military operations under the guise of "supporting the troops," even though the incredible stress of multiple deployments has caused untreated PTSD to skyrocket.  Under the Constitution the Congress holds ultimate veto power over wars through the power of the purse.  Congresswoman Barbara Lee has pledged to fight an escalation, and has 26 co-sponsors for her HR 3699 doing just that.  Please urge your congressman to fight a troop escalation by co-sponsoring the Rep. Lee's HR 3699.

Then please participate in our congressional call and email campaign.  Make your voice heard!

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Contribute $150 or more and get a free Afghan hat, made of pure wool.  One size.  Click to see image of hat ( brown, chocolate brown, cream, or black.)  Be sure to put shipping address in comments section of Paypal.

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