Mission Statement

Jobs for Afghans is calling for the responsible and orderly withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan as Afghan civil society is strengthened, and for an immediate halt in offensive military operations and drone attacks.  We call  for ten percent of the amount presently spent on military operations to be DIVERTED
for projects which help the poorest Afghans, with tools, technical assistance and wages, to rebuild basic infrastructure of their society such as water, basic sanitation, irrigation, secondary road improvement, and power. Funds should be appropriated to approved, indigenous Afghan non-governmental organizations; AND to the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund of the World Bank, in support of the Afghan Nation Solidarity Program (NSP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.  

Jobs for Afghans opposes  an exploitative, long-term foreign military presence in Afghanistan.  Afghanistan is for Afghans, and their friends invited through the extended hand of friendship, not foreigners inviting themselves with guns.