A.  Email a letter to your congressman and your 2 senators

To send a letter as a bodybuilder, from the bodybuilder community:

Step 1.  Look up who they are here, by typing in your zip code.  You will see email forms for your congressman and 2 senators.

Step 2. Cut and paste the following letter (customized for the bodybuilder community) OR write one of your own, and send it:

Letter from American Bodybuilders to U.S. Congress

Step 3.  It is twice as effective if you follow up with a phone call to their office to tell them: "My name is ___, I am a constituent in your district.  I have sent an email in support of the Jobs for Afghans program, please read it and get back to me."  You can also leave an after-hours message on their voicemails. 

Capitol switchboard 24/7:
202-224-3121  if you are not sure of your representatives tell the operator your zip code, they will connect.

To send a letter as a citizen not writing from the bodybuilder community:

Same steps as above, except cut and paste the following generic letter OR write one of your own.

Letter to U.S. Congress

B.  Email This letter to your local media, using this easy tool

Step 1. Go to this link and enter your zip code, you will get a long list of local papers and other media.  Check off which ones you want to do, then hit the "compose message" button at the bottom.

Step 2.  Cut and paste the following letter OR write one of your own, and send it.


This is to urge our congressmen to heed the will of the American people to avoid a widened war in Afghanistan.  It is now well-established that up to 70 percent of Afghan men fight for the Taliban only because they need the money to feed their families.  Even General David Petraeus has acknowledged this.  The US troop presence can be constructive if we take the advice of Russian generals who themselves tried to quell the country, to use troops to for guarding work crews and the general population rather than pursue the Taliban for questionable military gains.

Cash-for-work job programs are the best initial solution and have the advantage of bypassing corruption at all levels because they are easy to monitor and require little more equipment than hand-tools.  Afghans and Americans share many values: hard work, determination, and perserverance.  Giving Afghans a real helping hand now will pay billions, if not trillions, of dollars in dividends in the future, by defusing a long and terribly expensive war. 

(Your name)

Jobs for Afghans